Bounty of Beauty

June 03, 2016

The beauty section of Robinsons The Heeren at Level 1 sees a new lease of life with new, exciting international beauty brands such as BellaOggi, Bourjois, Collection, Dolly Wink, Heroine Make and more.

No matter the number of lipsticks, eye shadow palettes or blush shades a woman has strewn across her dressing table, it’d never be enough – simply because the fashion-forward, modern woman knows that if manners maketh a man, then it’s makeup that maketh a woman.

In the same vein, we atRobinsons simply can’t have enough of the brilliant beauty and makeup brands out there. From upbeat, vibrant and youthful labels perfect for the bold and fashionable woman to sophisticated brands that add a certain va-va-voom to any look, we’re constantly spoilt for choice by the stunning beauty and makeup options available.

That’s why we’ve recently revamped the beauty section on Level 1 of Robinsons The Heeren, bringing you a myriad of exciting new brands such asBella Oggi, Bourjois, Beautyblender, Collection, Dolly Wink, Heroine Make, K-Palette and so much more.

To whet your appetite, here’s a sneak preview of 5 new brands we have in store for you. But we’re just scraping the surface here; be sure to head down toLevel 1 of Robinsons The Heeren to get the full experience of all the brands for yourself.


Ever wanted to pull off a casual girl-next-door look one day and a colour-popping Katy Perry style the next? That’s precisely what Collection is all about, offering a kaleidoscope of makeup colours for the women who dare to stand out. Expect up-to-the-minute, on-trend, fashionable products and shades in affordable prices upwards of $9.90.

Transform into a gorgeous beauty goddess with Collection’s signature Glam Crystals, a series of dazzling gel eyeliners; Cream Puff, a lustrous lip cream with an ultra-moisturising formula; Extreme Colour Mascara, to enlarge and brighten your eyes in bold, vibrant colours; and Colour Pout Lip Stain, a collection of lip-loving stains in vivid shades to give you a daring, long-lasting pout.

If you’re the type of girl with a sassy edge and a sharp eye for colours, with the know-how to pick makeup shades that suit you best, then Collection is indubitably the brand for you. Work your magic and wield the stunning Collection colours to create just about any mood and look you desire.


It can be a bit of a headache finding the perfect eyeliner that can withstand both the stifling humidity and the dryness of air-conditioning, but K-Palette manages to do, and do exceedingly well on both counts.

One of the best-selling eyeliners Japan, with one sold every 24 seconds, the K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24hoffers a patented soft-brush applicator that doesn’t smudge in the heat nor fade in cool, dry air, making it perfect for a full day indoors as well as a night of partying with the girls.

Makeup aficionados will also loveK-Palette’s 2-Way Eyebrow Liner, an enhanced version of liners with a powder tip to prevent overly darkened brows, as well as theZero Kuma Cover Control Concealer, which is infused with a beauty serum to moisturise and revive tired eyes while covering up dark circles and blemishes. Not forgetting their1 Day Lash perm Long Curl Mascara,which curls and extends your lashes to open up your eyes instantly, K-Palette offers a revolutionary set of makeup essentials that every girl should have!


Discover beauty in a whole different way with BellaOggi. Taking femininity to a whole new level, this Italian brand offers premium quality makeup in the latest colours, opening your eyes to the latest trends and styles of the season.

BellaOggi is all about enhancing the feminine beauty in a subtly sensual way, with a wide range of colours and tones to accentuate your best features, no matter your skin tone. For instance, their bestselling make up kits span across a series of smoky eye colour palettes, from deep purple and night blue shades for evening galas to earth brown and wild green palettes for more natural, daytime looks.

We’re also loving theDesiderio Wet Effect SPF 15 Lipstick, which melds the shimmer of lip gloss with the texture of lipstick while protecting your lips from UV rays, and the lightweightCover-Me Smoothing Effect Concealer, which disguises eye bags, small lines, wrinkles and blemishes with a silky smooth finish.

BellaOggi also offers a vibrant selection of nail polish in lustrous shades. With a smooth, gel texture that gives volume and shine even from the first application, theGel Effect Keratin Nail Polish offers a polished, manicured look that you can do in the comfort of your own home! Added UV filters also prevent discolouration, while the Keratin strengthens nails to prevent chipping!


You’ve spent years amassing a selection of makeup that’s just about perfect for your skin tone, style and personality, but all that effort may go to waste if you don’t have the right tools to do your makeup justice. EnterBeautyblender, the world’s first elliptical-shaped, non-disposable, hi-definition cosmetic sponge applicator! Forget using your fingers or sharp-edged sponges that often leave streaks behind, Beautyblender provides an edgeless, streak-free application allowing for a perfect, flawless finish to your makeup!

The secret to Beautyblender is simply its elliptical shape, which allows you to reach those elusive spots and angles. Its unique curves trace the contours of your face easily so not a single spot is missed out, and its suede texture feels soft and sensual on your skin, making sure you feel as good as you look even as you apply your makeup!

To keep it hygienic, pair your Beautyblender purchase with theBlendercleanser, a lightly lavender-scented, soy-based cleanser to keep your skin feeling fresh and healthy. You can even use it on your existing brushes! A travel-friendly version is also available in theBlendercleanser Solid, made with the same formula and  offering the same fragrant lavender scent.


Asthe false eyelash pioneer of Japan, Dolly Wink is an expert in false lashes, offering an impressive selection for everyone from beginners to professionals.

Whether you’re looking for dramatic lashes for clubbing nights, or a natural set for daily office wear, Dolly Wink has got you covered. Endorsed by local celebrity bloggers such as Xiaxue, the Japanese brand is a favourite among ladies who know beauty like the back of their hand.

Bringing you a step closer to achieving that wide-eyed, doll-like look, Dolly Wink also offers bottom false lashes to widen your eyes even more. Perfect your newfound doe-eyed look with their range of eyeliners, eyebrow liners, mascara, eye shadow palettes and other eye makeup solutions!

Look out for their Dolly Link Lash Case and Eyelash Fix Glue, and remember to have eyelash curlers and scissors handy to ensure those perfectgyaru eyes!

Discover all these brands and more at the new beauty section atLevel 1 of Robinsons The Heeren.