Checklist for New Homeowners

May 24, 2016

The wedding bells have rung, your vows exchanged, and at long last, the keys collected. You’re all ready to move in and start living in matrimonial harmony. But just as you think you’ve got all your bases covered in terms of furnishing, there are bound to be things you overlooked. To ease those teething problems, we’ve compiled a checklist of essential household products all new homeowners should get.

1. Kettle

Whether it’s for your morning coffee fix or your midnight instant noodles binge, a kettle is a must-have for every kitchen. We recommend Novita Water Kettle NKA 9, their newest electrical kettle designed to be hassle-free and less time consuming. Needing just only 4 minutes to boil 1.2 litres of water, the kettle also comes in 3 different colours for your preference and allowance to match your kitchen interior effortlessly.

2. Purifier Fan

Let’s face it, the heat is becoming more relentless by the days. While turning on the air-con may do the trick, you might want to think twice about the electrical bills that will come after. Too much air-con will also dry out your skin. Hence, having a fan at home will definitely come in handy. What’s better than a regular fan? Try Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Purifier Fan DP01instead! Not only will it keep you cool all summer by generating smooth, long-range airflow, the Dyson fan also helps purify the air in your house by filtering microscopic allergens and particles that could otherwise be bad for you.

3. Cutlery Set & Tableware

It’s a new home, and you’re definitely going to be entertaining a lot of guests with housewarming parties or your baby’s first month. While we’re sure you will not forget about getting cutlery and tableware set for yourselves (we all have to eat, right?), you might have forgotten to stock up a little more for guests. We recommend WMF Atria 24pc Cutlery Set, enough to serve your family as well as your distinguished guests for the long run. Not only is the cutlery set long-lasting and safe with their stainless steel technology, this WMF set is also beautiful and timeless to fit the simple yet classy home-style.

For those that wants a bit of China in their homes, we recommend theSeokchon Fine Porcelain Tableware – elegantly stunning with its Blue Blossom design, and very durable from its porcelain material. It definitely helps spice up the traditional feel of your new home!

4. Cookware

Speaking of cutlery and table sets, let’s not forget the cookware as well. We are certain you will remember your pots and pans – after all, these are the basic cookware when it comes to cooking. However, did you remember these other supporting cook wares below?

Most recipes require chopping, whether it’s cutting garlic for a western Spaghetti meal, or slicing green onions to garnish your Chinese soup, every kitchen will need a chopping board. We suggest getting the Lock & Lock Chopping Boardwith its anti-bacterial cutting surface to improve cooking hygiene, a soft grip handle for easy usage, durability to withstand the sharpest knives and a deep juice catching groove to prevent a mess while chopping.

Don’t forget your rice cooker as well. Being a staple for many, no meal is ever complete without rice. There’s just something about it that other ingredients can never sate. We recommend the Zojirushi 0.5L Micom Rice Cooker. This versatile equipment not only cooks flawless rice, but also comes with a steamer and has a cake menu setting to bake cakes! It is also easy to clean with a coated stainless steel exterior as well as an automatic keep-warm function.

5. Vacuum

New homes can be a little space-constrained. Hence you’d need to have skills of a professional contortionist to reach certain areas if your vacuum is a bulky one. Solution? Choose an ergonomic vacuum cleaner such as Electrolux 2-in-1 Ergorapido 18V Stick Vacuum to aid cleaning chores better. Being both a stick and a handheld vacuum, it is very convenient when cleaning tight corners or in small areas. This vacuum is also lithium powered for a longer performance time.

6. Laundry Tower

Imagine a scenario after you had washed your clothes, but realised you don’t have any place to hang them… and you end up hanging them on window grills and over chairs just to have them dry. I’d just get a dryer then, you thought.

However that might shrink your clothes or stain your clothes with a funky smell if you don’t clean the insides of your dryer often. Hence, we recommend drying your clothes the natural way by getting Leifheit Laundry Tower to properly hang your wet clothes out in the sun.

There you go – we hope this checklist helps. If you’ve forgotten to get any item on the list, make your way down to Robinsons – you’ll enjoy up to 70% off these picks and more during the GSS.

Check in-stores for more details. Happy shopping!