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Home Fair: Kitchen Tidy

August 21, 2016

As we move into the hotter months of the year and prep our kitchens for holiday baking and cooking, it’s always good to get that kitchen org-d and ready for the big cook-off or that family roast that’s just around the corner. Here are some nifty ideas, putting stuff where they belong and still look good doing it.


Be like a restaurant boss and establish areas of activity in your kitchen: cleaning, storing, prep, cooking and putting food aside. When you organize your items according to task, there’s minimal movement from one area to the next – cutlery and dishes close to sink, for example. Line cooks do it, so can you!

TIP: Here’s a great way to free up drawer space and use your knives (carefully!) when you need them…


Always check out containers and lids before buying. Ask the store if you may unbox products for a test drive without having to invoke the wrath of sales people! Ensure these receptacles feel substantial and comfortable in your hand. Quite often we might be grabbing these containers in a hurry and might slip, if not the right fit. Last thing you need is bread flour scattered all over your just cleaned kitchen floor.

TIP: Get these classic glass bottles and jars with a distinctive pressure seal and iconic design, for a hip retro look…

Point of Interests

Definitely think about “layering your look”’ even for your kitchen. Consider new and unconventional ways in storing your stuff. Create visual interest. For example, placing cutting boards and oversized cookie sheets in chic oversized baskets can help free up precious cabinet space and give you that DIY look!

TIP: These uniquely shaped cutting boards and knives, lend a rustic quality to any kitchen decor. We love the baskets too…