Inside Robinsons SS2016 Campaign

June 23, 2016

Have you ever wondered how and who pieces all the elements inside our Robinsons stores together? In this special feature, we have a chat with the brilliant individuals behind our stores set-up to get an insider’s view of what motivated them in creating our in-stores Spring Summer ’16 campaign.


Head of Visual Merchandising – Elizabeth Kwan

Tell us more about your job and what you love about it.

I lead a team of 20 visual artists and am responsible for all visual presentation of Robinsons stores. I worked from scratch to launch set-ups ie. Concept designing, props making and mannequin styling etc.

I love making things look good. From design, to fashion and being creative so Visual Merchandising suits me perfectly.

What are some of the biggest challenge of your job?

Meeting tight deadlines is alway a challenge, however the biggest challenges brings along a big sense of achievements.

If you weren’t in VM what else might you be doing?

I was a freelance fine jewelry designer for Lane Crawford years ago and I love fashion so I think I would either be a fashion designer or a fine jewelry designer.

How did you come up with the VM concept for Spring Summer 2016?

For Spring Summer 2016 in-store main display, it was inspired by Bukit Timah’s old railway. I took a tinge of Singapore history and infused it with other spring concepts, such as a swing.

Senior Merchandising Manager of Ladies Shoes & Accessories and Womenswear – Vu

Tell us more about your job and what you love about it.

Being able to meet new designers, brands, and concepts at every level from retail and department stores. Having the opportunity to preview upcoming season collection and bringing new brands to the market.

Who are your favourite designers or brands, and why?

With the ever so changing fashion demand, it is what each brand can offer to individuals and their personal style. Modern & Contemporary with a point of difference are elements to what I look for in designers and brands.

What are your favorite pieces for SS16?

Hero items includes dresses, tops, and separates with Victorian inspired prints, delicate lace details, and soft romantic hues takes center stage throughout the collections.

What is the direction for new romanticism, why this theme?

Charm, nolstalgia, soft powdery hues, and ethereal moods are the key highlights that create this season’s New Romanticism theme. It captures a sense of revival and new beginnings which embodies the essence and spirit of Spring.

Senior Merchandising Manager for Home – Huimin

Tell us more about your job and what you love about it.

About my job, I handle both “Art” and “Science” aspects of home. For Art, I get to source and bring in products that are interesting to our customers. Curating brands and concepts that would appeal to Robinsons customers. While for Science, I analyze alot, check and balance to ensure commerciality of the buys, and growing the market share of Robinsons Home. Therefore, ensuring our customers enjoy the best value.

Why I love my job – I love the Diversity in Home and the Dynamic Pace in Robinsons. Seeing the countless possibilities that I could share and bring to our customers. I also love meeting different people, absorbing the inspirations and constantly learning. I love steering and driving our customers to desire certain lifestyle by incorporating fashion and lifestyle together.

How did you get into home merchandising?

I started off as a management trainee and I was given an opportunity to be attached to the home merchandising team. Well, basically this is how I met Ivy, who was the SMM then and now my GM. She inspired, and exposed me to the wide spectrum of home merchandising.

Through the challenges and the dynamic paces of retailing, I developed the love in merchandising, truly enjoying everything and anything relating to Home.

What are some key considerations when you source for home furnishing?

The 3 keys things are Contemporary designs, Quality and Value

What is one trend for SS16 that is really catching fire right now?

It will definitely be Soft pops, as currently there is a high demand from kitchen to tableware, living and bedlinen. Pastels are great and it is used in light blocks to balance with the neutrals.

Blush tone is also becoming the anchoring color option in SS16, freshening up the collection for spring.

Senior Merchandising Manager of Menswear – Vestan

Tell us more about your job and what you love about it.

I am responsible for merchandising the Menswear. Besides working towards the financial objectives, sourcing for new brands and products is another key part of the job. While, conceptualizing retail concepts is another key job aspect.

The dynamism of the trade, the opportunity given to curate, and selling what our customers want and need keeps me going.

Which are some of the new men’s brands you are most excited about?

BlackBarrett is one, which we have gotten in for our Heeren store. I am looking forward to having Tiger of Sweden, Wood Wood and Denham The Jeanmaker for the next season. For the new Men’s Brands in the market now, I like Gosha Rubschinskiy, Brain Dead, Anti Social Social Club and Palm Angels.

What are your favorite trends for SS16?

The military-styled shirts, 50’s influenced bowling and work shirts, cropped pants and denim.

What is an absolute investment every man should have in his closet?

A top quality, crisp white shirt and a pair of leather derbies with good workmanship.