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Meet Maria Sharapova

October 10, 2014

International tennis sensation, Maria Sharapova shares with us insights on her premium candy line Sugarpova. Find out her role in the delicious gummy candy brand, discover her favourite flavour and catch her in person exclusively at Robinsons The Heeren.

As five-time Grand Slammer winner, Maria Sharapova has always had an entreprenurial spirit and is a self professed candy lover. It only seems fitting, the tennis and style icon would create Sugarpova, her line of premium candy.

“I’ve always had a deep entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion to own my own projects,” she shares with Robinsons. “I am a self-professed candy lover, and realised there was a niche in the market for high-end candy.”

“Sugarpova has let me combine many of my passions, and our growth over the past several years has been remarkable,” she explains.

In fact, she doesn’t feel that Sugarpova contrasts her status as a world-class athlete. Rather, she believes that treating yourself to a piece of candy every now and then is simply something that everyone deserves. “As a professional athlete, I lead an extremely disciplined life, but I truly believe in ‘everything in moderation’,” she offers. “People should take pride in their accomplishments, and take a moment to reward themselves with a gummy or two!” Her Sugarpova line, which is retailing at Robinsons for $7.50 per pack, certainly is a delightful treat – the candy gummies come in playful flavours and quirky, fun shapes that reveal the different fun-loving sides of Maria.

For those with a sweet tooth, try out the fruity flavours such as Chic, which comes in the shape of high-heels, purses and sunglasses; Flirty, which comes in cheeky gummy lips; or Quirky, a set of rainbow and marshmeloow center filled candies.

As for those who prefer a sour twist in your candy, there are flavours such as Flirty Sour, a version of Flirty in the shape of sour gummy lips, stars and hearts; Sassy Sour, which takes on adorable fruit shapes; and Smitten Sour, which are basically sour rainbow fruit strips.

Her personal favourite? “Quirky!” she says. “It’s a delicious rainbow coloured gummie with a creamy marshmallow centre – they’re addictive!”

Of course, Maria is more than just a celebrity face to the Sugarpova label. She is actively involved in the development of the candy, from the inception of the brand to taste-testings.

“I’ve probably done too much taste-testing,” she jokes. “But I’m very involved in the product development of what flavours make up Sugarpova. I visit our factory in Spain, and work closely with our Sugarpova team to take the product to the customers in the store.

Up next for Sugarpova, is a new line of Sugarpova Minis, she reveals. “We are getting ready to introduce ‘Sugarpova Minis’, which are miniature bags of some of our favourite candy styles! They are perfect for gifts and holidays, or as toppings on frozen desserts, cakes, and more!”

We, for one, definitely can’t wait.