Start your day right with a cup of alkaline, purified or acidic water, infused with multiple benefits that is beneficial for your body. Proven to improve blood circulation, restore pH balance, more hydrating, and many more benefits that tap water does not provide.

- Safety Feature: Auto Ionization Shut Off with Hot Water Source. Excessive Current Control.
- Enhance stability system
- Enhanced ultra water purification

- Improves blood circulation
- Restore pH balance
- More hydrating
- Antioxidant properties
- Energises and revitalises
- Support immune system
- Better digestive system
- Radiant skin
- Aids in detoxification
- Reduce risk of fibromyalgia
- Reduce risk of osteoporosis
- Better restful sleep
- Faster recover time

Dimensions (W x D x H): 245 mm x 150 mm x 345 mm
Net Weight: 5.1 kg
pH Range:
- Alkaline
Level 1: pH 8.5 / ORP -150mV
Level 2: pH 9.0 / ORP -200mV
Level 3: pH 9.5 / ORP -250mV
Level 4: pH 10.0 / ORP -300mV
- Purified
pH and ORP inherent from water source
- Acidic
Level 1: pH 5.0
Level 2: pH 3.5
Applicable Water Inflow Pressure: 0.7 – 5.0 kgf / cm²
Applicable Water Temperature: 5 – 30 °C
Filter Capacity: 3,600 litres (up to 12 months, based on approx 10 litres/day)

Note: This is a preorder product and stocks will only be available from 16 November 2017 onwards. 

Novita is a company founded and based in Singapore which has more than 16years of experience in creating innovative home appliances. The company offers a wide range of home appliances from water ionisers, air purifiers, massage chairs, and many more.



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