An anti-aging whitening serum that renews the youthful cycles which keep age spots from emerging.
An anti-aging whitening serum that improves age spots, even those that seem to have emerged over time from deep within. This comprehensive solution improves a whole range of factors that detract from a clear, youthful complexion while promoting microcirculation*. Dark spots, dull, yellow tone, loss of resilience and wrinkles yield to renewed resilience, brightness and perfect clarity.

ï½¥Features exclusive Shield Builder WT, to intensively improve persistent age spots that can appear, darken and expand with age.
ï½¥Effective whitening ingredient 4MSK inhibits the production of melanin**, which causes dark spots, and also removes accumulated melanin from deep within.
ï½¥Protects skin against damage caused by environmental stressors, and maintains moisture for up to 24 hours to keep skin smooth and supple.
ï½¥To intensify the serum's effects, apply with a simple massage. This promotes microcirculation and helps enhance skin's metabolism.
ï½¥Developed to provide skin with absolute comfort, the dewy, velvety formulation penetrates deeply, making it ideal for massaging into the skin.

*When applied with a simple massage.
**in vitro tests



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