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Nasopure – The Most COMFORTABLE Nose Wash in the Word! 

Our Mission – First Do No Harm.  

Nasopure Delivery System was Invented in 2001 by a Pediatrician, Dr. Hana Solomon M.D. Washing with the patented Nasopure bottle results in a comfortable and soothing experience. Nasopure does not require any bending or twisting and avoids the ''drowning sensation'' commonly felt with other nose washes. Nasopure buffered salt reduces the burning and/or irritation commonly felt with other salt mixes. 

Manage and relieve nasal symptoms associated with Nasal Allergies, Cold, Flu, Sinusitis & Rhinitis! Clear the air, one nose at a time! 

Nasopure is now available in 30+ countries across the world and 5,000+ locations in the USA. 

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