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Founded in 1987, ANGFA passed its 34th Anniversary in October 2021. Under the banner of preventive medicine, Angfa is dedicated to supporting the realization of Aging Care
Lifestyle where people are able to live forever beautifully and healthy. Indicated in Angfa Corporate Principles is this theme where Angfa will provide true "beauty" and "health"
and target a Total Aging Care Company.

Since the "SCALP-D Eyelash Growth Series" release in 2012, “SCALP-D BEAUTE Pure Free Eyelash Serum” has gained positive reviews from female consumers for its excellent effect and for its concept of “enhancing the beauty in the eyes of every woman”. We are grateful that we were able to achieve the No.1 sales position for 4 consecutive years.

In this renewal, we were able to successfully develop the “Lash-D Capsule”*3, which facilitates the absorption of the beauty agents*4. After 4 years of R&D the beauty agents were successfully nanocrystallized thus opening a new era for the Eyelash Growth Series.
To further enhance the resiliency of eyelashes and eyebrows during the care process, we have added the “LASH-D Capsule”*3 to all our products including “the Mascara Cream and Liquid Eyeliner (color: black/dark brown) which enhances eyelash growth while performing makeup", “the Eyebrow Serum which enables you to style how you want" and “the Eyelash Serum which is a now a fundamental for the skincare of women's eyes".

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