JYUNKA’s desire is to help every person achievehealthy glowing skin, so that they can Live Beautifully. True beauty comes with a confident smile, glows from within, and is  timeless. Everybody deserves to be confident and happy in their own skin and healthy  glowing skin is just the first step. Jyunka brings together science and nature to create  skincare that is simple, safe, and effective. We aspire to create thebest productsin  every class, tobe the answerforyourskincare problems, tobridge the gapbetween  professional and mass-market skincare through education, and to walk with every user  on their skincare journey.

At JYUNKA, our mission is simple: to CHANGE YOUR SKIN using the best professional  products and treatments. We use thebest active ingredients, sourced directly from  France, Switzerland, and New Zealand, in thehighest effective concentrationand  combine it withcutting edge technologythat penetrate active ingredients deep into  the skin. We ensure the highest standard ofexcellence and safetyby rigorously testing  each product and producing in France, the leaders in professional skincare. We develop  professional treatments with a deep understanding of the skin and incorporate time tested technology forimmediate results and lasting change. We will walk with you  on your skincare journey to glowing radiant skin. 

Elixir Cream 50ml



Elixir Serum 30ml



Sleep Reair 50ml



M+ Fluid 30ml



O So Clean