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Clair Skin Solutions

Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS was founded with the sole purpose of providing effective skincare products through the efficacy of science and technology to every consumer. The integration of formulations and patented ingredients are carefully contained in elegant bottles to ensure and maximise the ingredients’ effectiveness. The ingredients used in Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS products are botanical based, coupled with fundamental elements in the skin such as hyaluronic acid to assist and guide the skin to natural renewing and repairing. Each product has a unique technology which are all very respectful towards all skin types. Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS emphasizes heavily on product safety and effectiveness. As such, the products contain no alcohol, no paraben, no artificial colorant and no stimulant. The union of product efficacy, science and technology, and genuine care are the fundamentals of Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS beliefs to “educate” the skin to help renew and repair itself – directing your skin with Age Defying Solutions. 
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