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Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper is the coffee maker that was created to make manual coffee easy and entertaining – and it worked. For that reason, it’s easy to use but still makes a killer cup of pour over coffee. It’s shaped just like a standard pour over brewer, but a valve on the bottom allows you to hold hot water in the brew cone. Because of this, the Clever Dripper is considered an immersion-style brewer, meaning you can produce something like French press coffee but without the muddy layer of fine coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup. Clever, indeed.
The main difference between the Clever Dripper and other pour-over coffee makers: a stopping mechanism that stops the coffee flowing until it has been placed on your cup. This allows you to customize your brew based on steeping time, rather than pouring skill. It is available in single cup size.
Think of a French press, but without the silt or sediment.
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