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Euky Bear

Our story begins back in the 1970’s where a passion for eucalypts, and mission to help ease children’s colds resulted in Euky Bearub.
A eucalyptus ointment in a soothing base, Euky Bearub is applied to the chest and releases therapeutic vapours to relieve stuffy noses throughout the night. Back then there was nothing available in pharmacy for colds which both appealed to kids, and could provide soothing relief – Euky Bearub filled the gap.

An instantly recognisable, Aussie character and interactive colouring competitions cemented Euky’s popularity. Kids would actually ask for “the Bear Rub” at bed time (making a parent’s life much easier).

This now-iconic Aussie product has been passed down from generation to generation, used by mums who had it used on them as children. Look how Euky has evolved throughout the years!
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