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In 2002, the Scalp Care Center was opened on the basis of reasonable cost, specialized scalp-type programs, and high professionalism, reflecting the market expansion and customer demands from the more than 10 million hair-loss sufferers. In 2008, we established the ECOMINE (Ha'sol) Scalp Hair Technology Research Institute to establish a unique and differentiated scalp and hair management niche through differentiated and tailored management centered on customers from research to production and sales.
We operate 18 scalp care franchises at home and abroad, and provide a discreet hair management system to 5,000 hair salons. By improving our structure and never becoming complacent, we will make a leap forward from our scalp and hair care system to a complete skin care system. ECOMINE (Ha'sol) will move forward as a global beauty company with thorough project management, differentiated technology, a global network, and a wealth of accumulated business expertise
Going forward, ECOMINE (Ha'sol) will continue to grow into a company that creates value for its customers and contributes to society through continuous innovation and creative challenges. We look forward to your continued support and interest in ECOMINE (Ha'sol), and promise to develop as a company with sharing as its core value.

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