IvyBears® began in Germany with the goal of helping people with hair loss issues. We believe that consistent intake of supplements over time increases the efficacy of the nutrients and vitamins and we want to make it fun and easy to take them everyday. Inspired by the taste and shape of the original gummy bears from Germany, we began to work with health and nutrition experts on a formula of biotin and vitamins compressed into delicious gummy that can be taken on the go. IvyBears® has since become the best-selling brand of hair vitamins in Europe and we have helped many in their journey towards stronger and healthier hair. Since then, leveraging on our delicious and effective formula, Ivybears® has launch new formulas of vitamins that supercharge your health. Henceforth, we have introduced other vitamin gummy bears that helps take care of your health and beauty needs from head to toe. True to our IVYBEARS® philosophy: just snack yourself beautiful!
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