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Jill Lowe

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Jill Lowe founded Jill Lowe Group which comprised of manufacturing laboratory that produces beauty and wellness products and providing workforce training to serve end-user customers in the market. Her beginning-to-end business acumen and commercial applications have successfully contributed to building economic power in driving productivity and creating jobs. Her entrepreneurial experience comprising of scientific research in the formulation of new products to stay ahead of ever-challenging economic competitiveness has positioned her to build a global self-titled cosmetic and skincare brand - Jill Lowe, which has the potential to productively meet the dynamic Asian market demand.

In the media, she has been featured and broadcasted on Channel News Asia, CNBC, Asian Wall Street Journal, Straits Times, and many more, for all her successful accomplishments across her three-decade-long international career. Her image training and fashion experience led to the publishing of the French fashion magazine L’Officiel as well as the first-ever children's's book on Dressing Smart for Boys and Girls that was eventually brought back by popular demand.

1986 Hong Kong Film Academy Make up

1993 Launch a Make-Up and Skin Care range of Jill Lowe Cosmetic and Skin Care

2003 Owner of Intellectual Trade Mark for JILL LOWE brand logo

2012 Publisher of Europe luxury fashion magazine L’Officiel


  •       GMP certified and ISO 22716 Global certification in skin care production
  •       Using the most up to date scientific natural formulations
  •       The active ingredient incorporated in the formulas are chosen in order to respect the environment notably of sourcing from reputable suppliers.
  •       Effective in treating different skin types