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The old saying "MASIL" is translated of visiting a neighbour. When South Korean women with paying great importance to their image often groomed themselves to go out, they would focus on the care of hair. For professor MASIL brand founder Shen Hong Cha, "MASIL" means missing his grandmother. My grandmother wrapped sweet potatoes, cucumbers and other foods in layers with folded paper, said Shen Hong Cha, who was raised by his grandmother. As most South Korea women, grandmother also remained" "MASIL" habit, every time she will enjoy dressing herself in front of the mirror, but process of hair care is cumbersome and time-consuming, therefore she tend to prepare for a long time in advance. Adhering to this memory, Professor Shen Hong Cha has never stopped exploring the mystery of hair for decades. He led the core technical team of the enterprise to develop and establish the hair special brand MASIL
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