The fashion brand Moschino was born in 1983: a truly memorable year, during which the first real collection came to life, opening the doors to the history of the brand and the fashion of the eighties: a rebellious and a characteristic trait gave to brand a unique image. Franco Moschino, born in Abbiategrasso in 1950, attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, at the age of 17, with the great dream of becoming a painter (which is hardly surprising when looking at the prints and colors used for the collections of the brand). In order to pay his studies, Franco began to do small jobs, like the freelance illustrator of magazines, even quite famous.
In 1983 the first line Moschino woman was born and, a year later, the one dedicated to men; in 1986 he followed the Moschino Jeans and – in 1987 – the first women’s fragrance of the brand was presented to the public.
The peculiarity of Franco Moschino was to continually reinvent itself, both in life and in fashion. From collection to collection, from year to year, among colorful, printed clothes, paintings of different images compared to those found in all other fashion houses, it has given life to a completely innovative way of understanding fashion and woman.
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