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Teifoc from Germany

Due to the high-quality standards of the Eichsfelder Technik eitech GmbH, all products are manufactured in Germany. For the manufacturing of the teifoc building bricks, Eitech has installed their own brickyard with flow-type combustion chamber as well as a mixing unit for mortar and is thus able to produce their miniature bricks in a 100% pure quality – without adding chemical substances. Naturally, the special water-soluble mortar, which consists of fine, purified sand and corn extract is a product of in-house manufacturing as well.
Whether that be Fountain, Castle or Beach House – the teifoc brick building sets with real, fired bricks and mortar promote your little builder’s fine motor skills, creativity and spatial thinking. The special mortar is soluble in water and harmless to health. This allows the various buildings to be set up, demolished and constructed anew as often as desired.
The teifoc building bricks sets contain everything needed to construct a building: trowel, mortar, bowl for mortar, bricks as well as a detailed, step-by-step construction manual.
The brick building sets are also used in handicraft lessons at schools and even in architectural offices. Due to the true-to-scale bricks, roof tiles, wall lintels, windows and doors, realistic architectural models can be created. And even aspiring builders can plan their dream house from scratch and build it as a miniature model themselves.

Teifoc Real Bricks Building Sets - Castle
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Teifoc Real Bricks Building Sets - Beach House
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