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WuGuFeng is empowered by long-time art and expertise of concise oriental pastry crafting passed down through 3 generations since end 1960s. 

WuGuFeng is a hallmark of the rich Cantonese pastry-making tradition, which has been renowned since the 50's for their finesse in crafting perfect parcels of baked goods. Leveraging on this heritage of more than 60 years, WuGuFeng cleverly infuses the city's cosmopolitan lifestyle and the charm of old-time flavours into its pastries. The brand exquisitely embodies the traditional cultural spirit of oriental pastry craft, divinely integrating it with the taste of the locals to create delightfully enticing confections.

Helmed by a dedicated veteran Gift Pastry MasterBruce LEI of Hong Kong origins but now a true-blue Singaporean, Master LEI has global experience in food and manufacturing research, having indulged in bakery R&D work in Switzerland, Germany, Holland & Japan.  Our confectionary creations are set apart by his secret recipes and thoughtfulness put into each product he lays his hands on

WuGuFeng is Halal certified and it is one of the very few Halal Renowned Gift Pastries brands in Singapore. It remains WuGuFeng's top priority to ensure food hygiene and food safety as part of our brand commitmentWuGuFeng is ISO22000 with Food Safety Management certified.

WuGuFeng Christmas Stollen 400g
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WuGuFengKaya Filling Cookie 16pcs
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WuGuFeng Mango Pound Cake 454g
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WuGuFeng Christmas Panettone 900g
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