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Zwiesel Glas Tritan® Crystal Tavoro/Paris Cocktail Whisky Glass, 315 ml (Box of 6)


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This Zwiesel Glas Tritan® Crystal Tavoro/Paris collection of Whisky Tumbler Glass is a perfect fit for Bourbon, Caipirinha, Campari, Cognac, Armagnac, Brandy, Colada, Collins, Daiquiri, Flip, Fizz, Gin, Highball, Julep, Malt Whisky, Martini, Punch, Sour.

Zwiesel Glas is the new umbrella brand of the glass manufacturer run by Prof. Dr. Andreas Buske, which is an essential component of the international haute cuisine.

Tavoro/Paris series - Design without boundaries. For connoisseurs all over the world.

The flair of big cities resonates in the design of our Tavoro/Paris bar range. Its clean, geometric lines and rounded proportions reflect a frozen elegance. Its simplicity ensures that these glasses will look right anywhere in the world, no matter whether it is a lifestyle bar in New York or a hotel lounge in Rome.


High-quality Tritan® Crystal Glasses Made in Germany

• Clear and brilliant

• Tritan® Glass Protect break-resistant crystal glass

• Dishwasher-safe

• Food-safe

• Environmentally friendly production


Product Specifications

Brand: Zwiesel Glas

Series: Tavoro/Paris

Type: Whisky Tumbler Glass

Suitable Beverage: Bourbon, Blended Malt, Blended Whisky, Malt Whisky, Single Malt, Sour.

Structure: Plain

Color: Crystal

Production Method: Machine Blown

Height: 90mm

Diameter: 80mm

Content: 315ml

Quantity in Package: Box of 6

Sku: ZWIESEL 579704B

Sounds like Zwiesel

The sound of toasting with Zwiesel glasses is unlike any other and has become a distinguishing feature of the brand. Zwiesel Glas' dedication, quality, and history find their acoustic essence in the sound of each Zwiesel glass. And with every toast, this sound stands for so much more: the uniqueness of each moment, coming together around a table, the joy that is shared, and the humanity that connects us.


From Zwiesel to the World

Since 1872, 150 years of practicing the art of glassmaking, make Zwiesel Glas the number one leading partner for high-end hotels and restaurants. Zwiesel Glas has earned the trust of every single guest and host around the world.

As leaders in high-quality glass, the Tritan® crystal glass collections combine functional, long-lasting design with durability and brilliance. Zwiesel Glas offers not just quality but also depth and breadth of range to meet any requirement.  


Tritan® Glass Protect

Thanks to Zwiesel Glas' unique Tritan® crystal glass, our glasses are not only particularly brilliant, break-resistant, and dishwasher-proof but stand out for their audible characteristics.


Environmental Friendly

Zwiesel Glas' consistent selection of low-emission, recyclable raw materials for production makes our products especially durable and environmentally friendly. Approx. 50% of each individual glass consists of recycled Tritan® crystal glass. Zwiesel Glas can produce high-quality glasses that are 100% food-safe and 100% BPA-free.

Zwiesel Glas’ new packaging is mostly FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and made from environmentally friendly, recyclable materials.


Terms & Conditions

When you purchase this product, you accepted that minor tolerances or deviations in terms of size, weight, roundness, colour or dimensions may occur, for technical and material-related reasons, during the manufacture of glass products, in particular in items of the same series. Such tolerances and deviations are customary in the industry, are outside of our sphere of influence, and do not represent product defects.

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Zwiesel Glas Tritan® Crystal Tavoro/Paris Cocktail Whisky Glass, 315 ml (Box of 6)

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